Maximising the Viewing Opportunities for Your Auction Property

Making the most out of viewings for your commercial property for auction can improve the chances of a successful sale. Let MOVEHUT 's guide help you find out how to maximise your viewing opportunities.

Making the Most Out of your Auction property Viewings

Once your property is being marketed, the auctioneers will be able to maximise exposure by arranging viewings for you at suitable times. This will usually be at 48 hours’ notice. Alternatively, you may give full unfettered access to allow greater flexibility for viewings, although this may not be practical if the property is tenanted.

It is also worth considering how you can get the most out of your viewings. The auctioneers are skilled at marketing commercial property. You now need to maximise the opportunity! For example

  • Be approachable and friendly to the potential bidder should you meet them during the viewing.
  • Be prepared to answer any possible questions that potential bidders may ask.
  • Make sure your commercial property is in a presentable state. (Undertake any minor repairs etc).
  • You may wish to provide a ‘clean shell finish’ in order to provide a buyer with premises which are easy to fit out. This is an usual method and condition of a commercial property if they are to be used as a shop or a cafe.



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