Choosing the Right Location for Your Commercial Property

Tenants Commercial Property Guide When searching for a commercial property to rent, finding the right property in the right location is one of the most important factors. Let our guide help you work out what is most important when choosing the location for your property.

The Right Location for Your Commercial Property

Choosing a suitable location for your business is crucial, whether you need to be in an out–of-town retail park, industrial estate or the middle of the city. The location is important as it can affect the suitability of a property for the business, its clients, customers or employees. What are the considerations?

  • Parking and parking restrictions
  • Delivery times or possible restrictions
  • Congestion charges
  • Local authority charges and business rates (e.g. waste collection)
  • Noisy processes in residential areas

Another consideration is what type of people will be using the property. What is the most important feature you need to address?

  • Attracting passing trade
  • Locating close to your key suppliers, customers or associated businesses. For example estate agents often locate close to each other
  • Having public transport links nearby
  • Secure low key premises for shipment of high value goods
  • Load factors for machinery and stores

Whatever option taken, there will be advantages and disadvantages. Here we examine some of which should be taken into consideration.

Locating an office in a rural area might have the advantage of a relaxing work environment and be very cost effective, but could be inconvenient for staff and key suppliers making deliveries.

Locating a distribution warehouse in an urban area might have the advantage of being close to your client base and be very cost effective, but could be noisy for local residents. With transport movements day and night who wants the locals complaining!

On the other hand, being in the middle of an established city could be very convenient, but this may not be the most cost effective option.

Your agent will often have insight as to what is happening locally and have knowledge of developments that could affect your location or business.


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