Guide to Maximising Your Marketing Opportunities With MOVEHUT

Effective marketing can play a big role when it comes to selling or letting your commercial property quickly. Read our guide to find out how you can maximise your marketing opportunities with MOVEHUT.

Make the Most Out Of MOVEHUT

Are you looking to sell or let your commercial property quickly? Within this guide, we give a number of tips on how you can maximise your marketing opportunities with MOVEHUT. Make your property more appealing to potential commercial property investors, occupiers and buyers. Effective marketing works and can provide the advantage in achieving a quick sale or letting.

Provide the Information that Commercial Property Buyers Look for

In general, commercial property buyers and tenants look for much more detailed information than provided in the residential property market. Buyers and occupiers are generally more sophisticated. They are decision makers and usually have experience in running a business. They will require the facts, so providing relevant information is a key factor.

They will need to understand the costs and suitability of the premises for their long or short term business needs.

Clearly describe and display the following information in your commercial property listing.

Guide Selling Price / Rental Price – This will clearly be the most important factor to buyers or occupiers interested in your commercial property. Some buyers find price per square foot (or metre) a much more useful price measure when comparing properties.

Rateable value – A small difference in the rateable value of a commercial property could make a significant difference to the amount of business rates payable. If any rate reliefs are available for your property, this could be a deciding factor.

Commercial EPC rating – Commercial EPC rating can be a significant consideration for buyers / tenants, as this could have a large impact on the running costs in the long term.

Planning permissions – Buyers / tenants need to know whether the commercial property can be used for their intended use. Displaying this information in your listing will save time and effort for the potential buyers, making your commercial property more attractive.

SDLT – Stamp Duty Land Tax is an important consideration for potential buyers and tenants, as a small difference in the commercial property price could result in an increased amount of SDLT that they will be required to pay.

Sizes and Floor plans – A floor plan is critical marketing resource, as it is the main detail buyers or tenants study. They will use this plan to assess whether the commercial property includes space and facilities required for their business activities. This should be to a recognised scale to assist their assessment on suitability.

Good quality images of your commercial property – These images are what users first see when browsing on MOVEHUT. First impressions always count. The appearance and presentation of your commercial property is extremely important. Always use good quality photographs (HD are the best). Provide at least five photographs to further assist your marketing effort.

Make your listing stand out from the crowd on MOVEHUT

You can enhance your commercial property listing to gain maximum exposure on MOVEHUT. Our highly visible enhanced listings make sure that your commercial properties gain the maximum possible exposure. They will be visibly enhanced in comparison with others within the given location or category you’ve chosen.

Our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages have been designed to attract the attention of occupiers and buyers, so your properties can be more effectively marketed.

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